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Tree Pruning is a practice that is essential to the health and vitality of landscape trees. Pruning Landscape trees will improve the structural integrity, and health of your trees while increasing the aesthetic value. There are many phases of tree pruning, removal of dead wood, thinning, shaping, crown reduction are the most common practices. However, not all trees respond the same to these practices, and all trees should be assessed by an arborist before any pruning is prescribed. The arborists at Dillon Tree are experts at tree risk assessment and identifying pruning needs within your landscape.

Tree trimming can be one of the most important practices in managing your homes landscape. Tree trimming can be performed to control limb growth and provide limb clearance around your home, driveway, service-wires, and many other areas on your property. The Arborists at Dillon Tree are highly skilled, and will trim your trees in a manner that suits your landscape needs and is not detrimental to the overall health of your Trees.

The arborists at Dillon Tree Service have an extensive knowledge and understanding of tree care. We offer free consultation, and can create a pruning/trimming plan that fits your landscape needs and your budget as well. Hire, Tom, Dick, and Harry to cut your grass, but leave the pruning and trimming to the arborists at Dillon Tree Service.

  • Thank you so very much for the great job you did for my parking lot. You are very professional and efficient, and I thank you for your expertise. I certainly will keep you in mind for future jobs, and also refer you to my associates.

    Gymnastics Learning Center, Director

  • I wish to thank Micheal, John, Arthur and all the members of your crews who have worked on the West Boylston trees. Every time Dillon Tree Service does a job for the tree warden the residents have nothing but the best compliments! The 6 foot diameter oak at 21 Prescott St., was such an example. Keep up the good work. Your company is a credit to the profession of tree care.

    Michael J Mulryan, Mass turnpike arborist and Tree Wardon – West Boylston, MA

  • Thank you for doing such a good job with the removal or my tress. My neighbor, was impressed with the quickness of your task, and I with how clean you left the area.

    Mrs. R. Rilacco, Homeowner

  • Your prompt tree removal service is appreciated. The area was left very clean and we thank you for that. We would recommend your service to anyone seeking a tree removal recommendation. A job well done.

    Frank & Patricia Stathus, Homeowners

  • In my many years overseeing tree contractors, Dillon Tree Service has been the fastest, most efficient and productive tree crew to date. Its a pleasure to work with the Dillon family!

    Paul Canavan MassDot

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