Insurance & Bonding

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a tree service is the question “Do they Carry insurance?”  It is pivotal that any company contracted by a home owner carry both liability and Workman’s Compensation.

Liability Insurance

We carry a million dollar liability policy to protect our customers in the event that any damage may occur to there property during the process our services.

Workmen’s Compensation

Workman’s compensation insurance provides our employees and there families with full financial compensation in the event that they are hurt or Killed on the job. If a homeowner hires a contractor that does not carry Workman’s Comp. they may be held liable and subject to law suit by the worker or their family.


We service several municipal contracts in the Worcester area. We are bonded for up to a million dollars by the Hanover Insurance Company, and can provide performance bonds for any large municipal or commercial contract.



[message_box title=”The Bottom Line…” color=”green”]Your home is too valuable to place at risk by hiring the un-insured to save a few dollars. Dillon Tree Service is bonded and insured by the Hanover Insurance Company.  We are fully insured; including liability and Workmen’s compensation for the protection of our employees and our valued customers.[/message_box]